Abia State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers PDF Download

Abia State TESCOM Past Questions and Answers Free PDF Download

This past questions and answers is a collection of the previous recruitment examination by the Abia State Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM)

This e-book has been updated recently for this year’s Abia State TESCOM Aptitude test for all recruits of the programme, with all questions and answers from previous examinations.

This Past question will come in a pdf file that will be sent to you through whichever means you prefer (the options are listed in the latter part of this article). The Abia State TESCOM PQ & A PDF  is a preparatory tool to help shortlisted candidates for the Aptitude screening test have a glimpse of what the test will look like and also help them prepare ahead of time.

This PDF can be used both on smartphones, tablets, PC, etc. and can also be printed out in case you prefer the hard-copy. Already scanned copies of these past questions and answers have been also included in this article to prove the legitimacy of this copy.

Sample Questions For The Abia State TESCOM Past Questions

1. In a parliamentary system, powers of the organs
of government are
A. diffused B. separated
C. fused D. divided

2. A citizen has the right to refuse only one of these
A. to participate in a political rally

3. General policy guiding a public cooperation is laid
down by the
A. minister
B. board of directors
C. general manager
D. permanent secretary

4. The merger of two companies producing the same
type of products is an example of
A. vertical integration
B. horizontal integration
C. lateral merger
D. an acquisition

5. The French policy of assimilation in the west was
essentially a form of
A. indirect rule
B. democratic rule
C. monarchial rule
D. direct rule

6. At any given level of output. a firm‟s total variable
cost equals.
A. total cost less marginal cost
B. total cost less total fixed cost
C. total cost less average cost
D. average variable cost and marginal variable


How To Purchase The Abia State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

COST: 2,000 NGN

Payment Details:

Please make your payment to the account below and follow the instructions as given to receive your past question for the Abia State TESCOM immediately after payment.

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Account Name: Godwin Akpaniko
Account Number: 0239617816

Alternatively, you can choose to pay with a card (Visa, Verve, Mastercard, etc).

Follow the link below to pay with your bank-issued card.

What to do after payment:

Once you have made the payment, you are just a step away from getting your past question delivered to your inbox.

Just follow the procedures outlined below;

Send your details to the administrator via the phone number; 08149237106

Send these details as a text message;

  1. Depositors Name
  2. Email address (ensure you use an email you can access immediately)
  3. Name of past question you paid for.

Please note that you can call our agent before and after payment to ask questions and confirm the payment receipt.

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