Enugu State Teaching Service (TESCOM) Past Questions And Answers

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If you intend to get recruited by the Enugu State Teaching Service Commission, then this past question is no bargain for you as it is a compulsion to getting recruited. When thousands of candidates submit their application in this year’s Teaching Service Commission recruitment, you need a lot more than luck to be selected.

We are interested in giving you the right information and guiding you to successfully get a job with the Enugu State TESCOM.  While we do our best to give you the latest on the selection phases of this agency’s recruitment exercise, it is important you also do your own bit.

Download and study these past questions and answers carefully, study the questions and understand the nature of questions that you will be met with at the examination hall.

Sample Questions For The Enugu State TESCOM Recruitment Past Questions

1). Lessons are derived directly from?

A. The syllabus

B. The Curriculum

C. The Scheme of work

D. The Subjects


2. The Olympic record time for running the endurance event was 4 hours and 40 minutes. Aliu recently broke that record, running a time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. What fraction of the original record time was Aliu’s time?

A. 5/9

B. 6/9

C. 5/7

D. 6/7


3. Which of the following is not a method of teaching?

A. Discussion method

B. Project method

C. Interactive method

D. Powerpoint presentation

E. Distraction method


4. What is the exact opposite of the word ‘fresh’

A. Stale

B. Faulty

C. Disgraceful

D. Sluggish


5. Importance of a lesson plan is that it

A. Guides the teacher in the delivery of lesson

B. Evaluated the learners in the classroom

C. Guides the school in implementing its programs

D. Guides the teacher in planning

These are just a few samples and do not even represent 1/50 of the questions and answers provided once you purchase the full e-book.

How To Get The Enugu State TESCOM Past Questions And Answers Pdf

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