Immigration Service Recruitment Past Questions And Answers Free Download

Immigration Service Past Questions and Answers Pdf download

The pdf for the  Immigration Service Past question is current and up to date to fit your needs and give you the right exposure and insight to what you should expect in the screening examination.

Our team has made sure that this past question has been answered correctly and reviewed thoroughly to ensure that candidates who purchase this from us will be confident in themselves after they have gone through it.

The importance of past questions in the success of applicants to an agency as prominent as the Immigration Service cannot be overemphasized. it goes a long in helping the individuals;

  1. Understand the nature of the screening test
  2. Have an inkling of what areas the agency bases their questions on as well as the best way to tackle such questions.
  3. Understand time management when they are in the hall for the examination with the knowledge of the time allocated for the test.
  4. Repeated questions will give candidates an edge over others. It’s nothing new that the majority of the questions get repeated in the examination and we are sure this year’s screening won’t be any different.

If you come across a question that has been answered in your Immigration Service Past Questions And Answers booklet; that will be an easy boost for you right? Exactly.

Now that you are convinced on why you need to get this past question, you can read on to find out how you can receive yours immediately.

N/B: 65 of applicants who successfully get shortlisted in agencies are usually ones that took out time to study past materials ahead of the examination. We believe you want to be among the lucky 65 percent.

Sample Questions For The Federal Immigration Service Past Questions

1. The Nigerian civil war was fought because
A. Biafra was ripe for independence
B. the eastern region was marginalized in Nigeria
C. the Hausa-Fulani wanted to dominate Nigeria
D. the Igbos were massacred in the North
between September and October 1966

2. The world organization which existed before the
United Nations Organization was the
A. League of Nations
B. European Economic Community
C. African Union (AU)
D. Commonwealth of Nations

3. The foreign affairs minister who advocated the
“Concert of Medium Powers” was
A. Prof. Ibrahim Gambari
B. Major-General Joe Garba
C. Alhaji Rilwanu Lukman
D. Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi

4. Which of the following states is not a member of
the African Union
A. South Africa B. Egypt
C. Spain D. Angola

5. Non-alignment policy does not apply to one of
these countries
A. Nigeria B. Ghana C. Algeria D. Britain

6. The ten non-permanent members of the security
Council are elected by
A. Trusteeship Council
B. Economic and Social Council
C. General Assembly
D. United Nations High Commission for Refugees


How To Purchase The Immigration Service Recruitment Past Questions And Answers

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What to do after payment:

Once you have made the payment, you are just a step away from getting your past question delivered to your inbox.

Just follow the procedures outlined below;

Send your details to the administrator via the phone number; 08149237106

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  1. Depositors Name
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