NAFDAC Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF Download

NAFDAC Past Questions and Answers free pdf download

We sincerely acknowledge your interest in purchasing the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) recruitment past questions and answers. The Acquisition of these past questions and answers will definitely go a long way to improve your preparedness for the forthcoming recruitment test

This PDF is a collection of the NAFDAC recruitment past questions and answers.

These past questions and answers have been created to guide candidates who are sitting for the NAFDAC aptitude test in Nigeria.

This PDF file is a collection of the previous aptitude test questions and answers by the NAFDAC. This compilation is meant to give you an idea of what to expect during the test, therefore, serving as a helping tool for better preparation.

Getting this e-book is very vital because, it will help you prepare well before the actual test, meanwhile the efficient revision and study of these past questions and answers can boost your accuracy and confidence, improve your speed, and also give you a greater advantage compared to your fellow participants.

This Past Question comprises of over 200 questions. Meanwhile, most questions included in the NAFDAC recruitment past questions and answers have been repeated over time. has made available an Updated and more Comprehensive Version of the NAFDAC recruitment past questions and answers.

Sample Questions For The NAFDAC Past Questions

1. The main attribute of a state are
A. population, territory, government and
B. the press, the legislature, the executive and the
C. federal, state and local governments
D. government, the policy, and the armed forces.

2. Nigeria observed the principle of collective
responsibility between
A. 1993 and 1999 B. 1985 and 1999
C. 1979 and 1983 D. 1960 and 1966

3. Under the presidential system of government,
the legislature and the executive
A. elected separately to a fixed term
B. elected separated to an unfixed term
C. appointment by the judiciary to fixed term
D. appointed at the same time to an unfixed term

4. The disadvantage of one-party system is that it
A. makes accountability difficult
B. negates freedom association
C. emphasize political difference
D. delays decision making

5. Citizenship refers to the
A. indigenous member of a state
B. social status of a person in a state
C highest position in a state
D. legal status of a member of state

6. The main function of public opinion is to
A. change the policy of the government
B. provide direction for public policy
C. support the policy of the government
D. indoctrinate the people

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