Payment Done | What Next?

We believe that before you came to this page, you must have already made a payment through any of the payment methods below;

  1. Card Payment
  2. Bank transfer
  3.  USSD transfer
  4. Recharge Voucher

If your case is one of the above, then proceed to the next stage. However, if you have a problem or want to make confirmations; call the administrator via 08149237106.

What to do after payment:

Once you have made the payment, you are just a step away from getting your past question delivered to your inbox.

Just follow the procedures outlined below;

Send your details to the administrator via the phone number; 08149237106

Send these details as a text message;

  1. Depositors Name
  2. Email address (ensure you use an email you can access immediately)
  3. Name of past question you paid for.

Please note that you can call our agent before and after payment to ask questions and confirm the payment receipt.